Sadly, many of our classmates are no longer with us. Please notify us if you know of someone who has passed away whose name is not on this list. If possible, include the place and date of death and a link to or a copy of the obituary notice. Send to email address

In Memoriam

Istrouma High School - Class of 1964

(Married Names are in parentheses. List Updated: 1/9/18


Albright, James Timothy "Tim" 10.6.13
Ardoin, Michael Joseph  7.83
Arnold, Robert "Bobby" Lee  9.30.14
Barbari, Patricia Diane (Stewart)  9.19.04
Barthel, Sherry (Jeansonne)  7.20.97
Blackwell, Cecil M.  9.13.11
Booth, Willie Mae (Wilkinson)
Boyd, Kenneth  6.7.09
Boyette, Wayne  1964
Bringhurst, Barbara Jeanne  10.08.06
Burcham, Sharon Ann (Deloach) 10.26.16 
Burns, Allen Lewis "Chic" 6.18.06
Caillouet, Betty Ann  8.23.64
Carpenter, Billy Carroll 8.27.15
Catoir, Joseph G., Jr.  6.25.68 (Vietnam)
Corkern, James U., Jr. "Jim"  5.7.17
Dabadie, Dianne (Parker)  10.08.06
Dardenne, Robert "Bob"  10.17.13
Davis, Carroll A. "Dave"  1.5.98
Dawson, Thomas A.  12.24.98
Day, Ben Louis 7.3.15
DeJarnette, Barbara Nell (Lowry) 4.16.18
Denn, Tommy  1.28.92
Dietrich, Glynn Gerald  12.28.12
East, Richard W. 12.14.03
Eastin, Gerald William  8.28.06
Efferson, Lillian Marlene  12.16.93
Efferson, Patricia  (Delaune)  3.27.14
Ellis, Joseph Howard "Hal"  2.13.00
England, Richard Wayne  8.15.98
Eppinett, Patricia (Stafford) 9.6.15
Finn, Roy  5.16.64
Forbes, Walker Young, Jr. 12.18.16
Gendron, Kenneth Thomas  7.12.09
Gilmore, Linda (Wolf)  6.30.03
Griffin, Donald "Don" G.  2.22.11
Grimmett, Claude Wallace  1.18.97
Haney, Don Robin  9.28.12
Harms, Harold, Jr. 10.31.14
Harrelson, Clyde  10.16.11
Hart, Sandra  5.21.65
Harvey, Darlene J. (Adams)  3.10.13
Hill, Gerald  10.2.03
Hunt, Lana Sue (Ruston)  2007
Jones, Cynthia Dianne  2008
Jones, John Michael "Mike"  8.6.12
Kirkwood, Deryl R.  2.12.68 (Vietnam)
Knickerbocker, William "Buddy", Jr.  7.26.10
Landreneau, Irby Louis  10.19.90
Magee, Kenneth Wendell
Marbury, Delores (McCullough)  2007
Marcus, Betty Jo (Schwirian) 3.29.10
Mayer, Betty (Crochet)  10.31.96
Mayo, Mary Lou (Miller)  4.1.98
Mayville, Virginia Lee (Albarada)  9.16.13
McCollister, Annelle (Sealy)  8.12.12
Melancon, Mavis Ann (Barbier)
Mikell, Bruce Terry  5.6.95
Miller, Linda G. (Kenyon) 7.2.18
Mitchell, David Harry - 12.17.14
Mott, James "Jim" Wilson  9.15.11
Normand, Sherrel (Rogers) 7.14.15
Olsen, Thomas "Tommy" John  12.18.12
O'Rillion, Gerald Wayne  10.1.96
Overhultz, Sharon Marie (Warren) 10.14.88
Perez, Richard "Rick" H.  8.25.13
Pierson, Donald Wayne  12.25.12
Pourciau, Harry James  3.6.02
Prather, Marilyn Faye (Dunnington) 5.22.95
Ross, Jackie  1.07.02
Rushing, Donald Ray  5.2.99
Sanders, Joseph Emmett  5.21.65
Sanders, Larry James 12.7.08
Slayton, Curtis  1.24.13
Sorey, Walter Michael  6.16.08
Stokes, Carolyn (Creighton)
Swenson, Sharon Kay (Rogers)  3.27.13
Talbot, Janith Marie (Millet)  2.17.13
Truax, Robert Eugene  4.17.16
Tucker, Jimmy Connally  7.12.13
Tullier, Peggy P. (Daly)
Ulmer, George Warren  5.26.74
Wagner, Carl Robert  2003
Whittington, E. Gary   12.6.15
Willie, Larry Guy  12.4.04
Willie, Sally Elizabeth (Morgan) 10.29.17
Wilson, James "Larry"  1.4.85