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IHS in 2013


Faculty & Staff Photos

Here are photo scans of faculty members from the 1964 Pow Wow yearbook. We have compiled a list of deceased faculty members with links to their obituaries and it can be seen following these photos. If you know of any names to include on this list, please contact us with the details. Send to ihs1964@yahoo.com.

Deceased Faculty & Staff

Baker, Helen Woods Bankston, Janie Brown, E. A. "Little Fuzz" Brown, Mary Aline Aycock Cangelosi, Serita Mary Creaghan, Gertrude Marie Edgar, John B. Fousse, Velma Magee Gaushell, Charles Jones, Dale Kendrick, Bess Lewis, E. R. "Bob" Stewart, Annie McLaughan  Stewart, Marvin Christopher Vay, Victoria Nall